Day 23 A Letter to Someone – Broken Glass

Dear someone whose name I dont wanna mention

Today’s letter I’m writing for someone as the theme said, no need to mention the name but it’s for you
We’ve been quite on awkwardness for long and it feels better not to see you around
Things probably are easy for you, to live your days without worrying anything
I can’t say I’m doing the whole things fine, I’m fine but not so fine
There are thousand words I wanna say to your face, but still
We’re not seeing nor talking to each other

I was so angry to you, I’d rather stay quiet to not bursting this anger out
Soon after the day we just dont talk anymore
It feels annoying to see you, to hear you’re saying some bad stuffs bout me when i wasnt around
It feels unfair, I feel betrayed somehow but I just dont wanna appear weak
I’d rather gather myself and living my daily life enjoying what i can, rebuild my demotivated life

I respect myself enough not to let things disturb me
I detach myself from you, I want some more time alone to make my heart at ease
As the time goes by, the smell of your perfume starts fading away already, but the image of your face somehow still haunts me
I dont wanna be this way any longer, I’ve been sleepless for long
It sucks
If I can go back to the time where we didnt know each other, I’ll do it

If I have to choose who to protect, of course it should be myself, my own feeling
Stay well, now things are up to you
Like people said once a glass broken, it will never be the same, cracks are everywhere
Thats how I potray us now, broken glass