Day 26 Your School

All my schools are in Magelang, till I turn 18 I didnt study far from home. Starting kindergarten happily, entering elementary school which turn my world upside down from my good rank to hell after i got into accident and experienced bullying that changed my life, junior high school that lift me up again and have so much fun to make friends again and again, senior high school in the city that’s not so fun because I am in the international class with more girls and they’re smartass while I just wanna have more fun. I stay in the class for the sake of my dream to become a doctor eventhough it’s now just a dream hehe. But overall I am very grateful for every lessons I got from school and all the shattered dreams I couldnt achieve.

Finished high school and not getting the medical school that I want, I got accepted in a university in Jogja but my dad force me to become a teacher which I dont want (after not getting the med school) instead of communication or literature study . Lucky me I got accepted to Indonesian State College of Accountancy (STAN) in Jakarta, maybe it’s my parents prayer that lead me to this way since they dont give me permission to study in another college there if its not STAN. I didn’t have much interest or passion there but just study halfheartedly and have more fun, love my time during college a lot. I made many friends of all over Indonesia, different cultures and got many activities to do, joining the naturelover club, enjoying my times during college to the fullest, I even experience those monkey love. My college brought me to more adventures back then, I went on touring with my fellow Magelang pals, hiking, rafting, caving and more adventure with STAPALA, experience many things that I am very grateful of.

I had a dream that later on I can continue my school abroad, married or not, quitting my job or not, I wish to make it happened no matter what to live in another country. Overall my schools are the places that shaped me who I am today. Now I’m still in the same job for around 6 years, happily knowing many people that I’m happy to meet in life along the way, living somewhere far for hometown on my own, I could pay my own bills, helping my family and some more. I can say I’m into this after being forced to but turns out good. I’m beyond grateful! Let’s go to the next school soon!