Happy Birthday, Love!

To my most favorite human that I’m lately seeing
We’re incredibly weird together but you came to me in the most unexpected way
It’s lovely to hear you being cheesy
It’s great to know everything you share with me, your daily, your stories
It’s okay to have scars, part of life story you said
And it’s great to have you here with me now
You’re so sure about me and it still makes me amazed cause you nevel fail me
You accept me for who i am, not who i want to be or who you think i be, you said
Can’t be more thankful enough for now,
the world is in lockdown but finding you in the place I never thought it will be is great
To the man who’s welcoming the new age today,
I wish you all the goodness in life, happiness, success and a life full of blessings and love
Happy birthday