A Regret of Foolish Lover

There were times I want to run away with Yi Seul
For 20 years happiness and tears I’ve been through wit her
The person who can make her happiest is me
The person who need her most is me
She is my childhood, sister, mom and only family

Thanks to her I’m not lonely
And for her I wanted to be better
But I couldn’t say these important words when I could with my heart
I always procrastinated because I though that she would always be next to me
I couldn’t be honest to my feelings because I had to be her friend
I had given up because of my pride
I ran away because of my low self esteem
I only realized after losing her
How important  that person is to me
The idea of not being able to tell the words I thought I could tell any time
It was so sad I only realized now
I, Baek Ho Love Yi Seul
It has taken too long way to realize what I’m feeling


Please forgive this foolish love..
Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Baek Ho
There’s a time, when I was in his position,and waste my chances
I spill my feelings everywhere, except to him..
I spoke the truth to everybody, except him..
I used to be his friend and stay quiet
The hesitation has turned me into a nuisance who can never be honest
Once the chance’s gone, you can only have regret later..
Almost is never enough, dear
Make sure next story you’ll do better dear foolish lover~