Cook Your Own Food

Food is our basic need to survive and that’s one of the things that mostly takes part of our traveling cost. As a backpacker, buying sometimes cost much more than cooking by our own. As an Indonesian, bringing some primary food material isn’t enough to fulfill my daily eating. I’d rather prepare my meals with the food I buy in nearest supermarket. Besides it saves up more of my budget, I know what ingredients I’m eating since I have several forbidden food to consume.
Cooking by your own can also improve social interactions with the people you met If you’re staying in a hostel. You can even taste each other food If you like. As for me, I can have a taste what my hostelmates made as their dishes sometimes. But most of them don’t give a try of my food since they know Indonesian mostly cook spicy food hahaha. Not in every destinations I cook all of the disehes, based on the destination. If I can afford cheaper food , I prefer not to cook. But when the living cost is high, like when I go to Australia. I’d prefer cooking my own dish.

These are the dishes I cook back then when I was going to Straya..

one meal to save up my day walking around Bondi coastal walk, with sambal terasi in it

nasi ayam goreng, when in Perth, again with sambal I bring

when I was in Sydney

another meal in Sydney

messy cooking but its fine, smashed pancake with kiwi and veggies near St Kilda, Melbourne

here you got when you bring that bumbu sayur asem sachet and the veggies just all of improvisation

Some time when I wasn’t able to cook, eating sandwich or having burger just another way to cure the hunger. Beside it’s practical enough, it’s not so bad eating those. Looking forward to seek another journey, hope next trip gotta be great!

Till I come again,