Day 22 Write About Today

It’s Tuesday but my mind wandering about holiday, my canceled plans for Christmas and New Year event. I totally have no fixed plans now. Eating lontong sayur as breakfast today make my mood already, having my nice lunch meals also makes me happy, and talking while joking around Eksten always make my day. I’m happy to be around these people. Days went fast, I wanna start doing my session with personal trainer at gym but still not finding the right time. I know how lumpia basah looks like today.

I make my mind to do workout tonight, no matter what happened. I went on one hour running in threadmills, mixed with some stretching and core strength. I can’t do workout too hard, my right knee injury sometimes haunt me. It’s raining awhile but thanks God it ended when i went home. I am happy whenever i finished my gym i can shower nicely while singing. I eat a savory dinner with Brian, suki in Simpang Empat Balikpapan Baru. We both are tired of work and this soup makes the mood better. I miss Sop Janda in Living Plaza so its kinda help me get another comfort food. It’s raining a bit when I went home, almost fell asleep while taking my motorcycle. Need some refreshing I think.