Life Test #Day11

Allah tests different people with different trials. Been said that He will not test you with something you can’t pass. I strongly agree with that saying since my trials before seemed hard and already passed now. And the forgiveness Allah gave us is the greatest among all. There’s a day when Allah says it’s a beneficial day than the other day in a week. Seek forgiveness even more after all the missdoings happened.

“O you who believe! When the call to prayer is proclaimed on Friday hasten earnestly to the remembrance of God, and leave aside business. That is best for you if you but knew.” (Quran 62:9)

There’s time when we feel low and need Allah guidance more than other time. There’s a time when you want to give things up and so sick of this life. But let’s seek a rainbow after a hard rain, lets find goodness in bad things that happened to our life.
And today is Friday, or stated as Al Jumah and the good time to recite Al Kahf. Even though we couldn’t, just pray during anytime for the whole day. Who knows one by one your wishes come true? Who knows one by one the hardships coming to your life will be gone sooner? Who knows? Wallahu alam.
We never know when Allah will bless the things we’ve been prayed for. And we never know if Allah plan is the best for us than what we planned.
Jumah Mubarak!
Missing this holy place so bad.