A Letter You Will Never Read

Hai,you came again so easily..
I let you walk in to my life one more time.
I don’t know why I’m being this stupid,letting the person that once said “had no intention in me” came in and swayed me again.
One afternoon on Saturday, September 14th I remember we suddenly  started to spend our time together.
I was careless,I forgot not to bring my heart into this game.
You walked in and being so intense,asking me to accompany you wherever you want,watching horror movies or something like this and that .
And I was just to stupid agreeing everything.
I forgot to keep my distance faraway from this guy.
I didn’t realize that this thing bring me aparat from the person I was interested to be with that time.
The guy I wanna be with all the time was so busy doing his things,and I can’t avoid those intense things you had done.
Seems like everyone has the same thought that we’re into something.
I can’t help but keep in my silence and confused of everything. I don’t know what game I’m starting, I get involved and keep hurting myself again.

Well,it must be my mistake too.
I was playing around with the game that I can’t avoid the bad effects.
You must be very smart making someone fall for you then leave.. Hahaha what a shame I’m trapped in this kind of situation for one more time.
This condition when we’re not lover but more than friend like they always said.
We keep denying everything and hanging around in unclear condition.
Easy for you to stay or leave me, you have her in your hands. For me? I’m already too far from him,how can I come back to the state I once leave behind for a distraction like you?!
For Godsake,I really hate this situation when I started to feel uneasy everytime you ignore me..
Please leave if it’s your wish, please stay If you don’t wanna make a war with me.
I’ve said to myself moments ago, If we’re end up being nothing then I will never know you anymore,I never had a friend or people I know with this name!
That’s what I decided to do If we’re already in this unclear state and over.
Thanks and goodbye bro..