Anggi’s Sick Diary

Arriving home as usual, after my daily routine from the office *read: jobless*, and doing everything like I used to. I never had such feeling that I will fall sick this easily. One fine Wednesday I suddenly fall sick after having a fever. I can’t walk properly, vomit like I’ll end my day just like that. I’m alive and grateful, untul today. It’s been a week since the day I fall sick. I dont go to office for a week, not doing my routine and coming to work like the other day.
I go to doctor, get threated and medicine to cure the pain. The thing is I hate medicine and the thypus I have, reminds me the same old days when I was hospitalized and drink tons of medicine like that. Ah, I hate the feeling of sickness. By the end of this week I’ll be coming to training, ready to include myself in weak line ommo..

Please get better, be healthier and happier..

Not going to sick anymore,

Anggi R Dewi