Dear Mr Faraway from my Land

There’s a time when I can fall for a stranger, 
a man from faraway distance outside my country
so far away from the reach of my hand..
I don’t even know him in real life, just a virtual life we used to share
I call him Mr. Faraway from my Land
I’m dying to come seeing you there,
I wonder how the snow falls in your land,
how the spring makes your day,
how the lovely summer burn your skin,
how the autumn make the leaves fall around the neighbourhood..
I wonder when I can taste the sense of living in that faraway place someday
I have only two seasons here, rainy and dry season..
I’m just brown, wanna taste the four seasons in life cause I don’t have ones..

Dear Mr. Faraway from my land,
would you like to guide me visiting places around there?
I promise you I’ll do the same If you come here..
I can take you to nice places, pieces of heaven falls on eath called Indonesia..
I can spare most of my time when you come..
I’d like you to know, that visiting your faraway place is my dream since I was kid..
I hope it will be soon, to seeing you as I wish ..

someone faraway from your land