Dear Mr Stranger ~

5 minutes for a weekend, during Kebayoran till Tenabang..
Dear mr. Stranger, who’s wearing blue polo shirt and chino pants
We’re just 5 cm apart when another passengers get down before us. It’s only 5 minutes but thanks to you moodbooster, I get my mood today 😀
Whats between us remains silence, no wonder because we’re just strangers..
It’s hard to show even a smile, the only friendly sign you can give..
Since we’re side by side and have no talk at all
I want it being this way, thats the way we can stay being strangers..
If I can get the chance to know you, or the time to try have a talk to you I choose not to use it..
I’m afraid if we know each other it will never be exciting anymore..
So I dont wanna make a move..hehehhe

Stay misterious, stay gorgeous xoxoxo ~