Enjoying Quarantine in The Wave of Corona

Corona causes many chaos in the beginning of new decade, this 2020 and still going. As for me, an actively moving person, to see the earth facing the pandemic is something painful. It was such a completely different condition now. We are facing pandemic globally, not just in China or Asia the beginning of the outbreak first happened but globally like most of countries now have it. Speaking of the pandemic, humanity and the paranoid people have to see the news of how fast things spread, we could be the one who being the help or the one causing it. Not many realized that minimalizing interactions is important things to do. To be honest, for a sociable person like me it turns out to be suck. Suckest thing ever. My city is safe but I don’t know how safe since now its getting serious worldwide.
Lockdown is getting near to our daily life, or maybe the other option will be chosen started from another country who experience worse case, to my country now starting to do the social distancing campaign and stay at home thing. As the newly arise case here, we have to learn from the countries who have been in the crisis to handle the corona case. But I don’t think our people are ready enough. In the city like Jakarta, people who get the information to do social distancing go to Puncak (an area in Bogor who’s famous for its tourism) to have their holiday. It’s sick! Some people are just ignorant. we just help each other to get this over soon?

I help the society by staying at home, and read more books

Some people who’s getting work from home use the chance to go to their hometown. It’s sick. But I don’t know what the reason, just dont get it why they are thinking just for their own good without considering others more, am sorry but this is selfish. And as the person who stay, watching some who take advantages and do the moving,kinda brokenhearted I feel you too guys. I don’t get the logic of using family as excuses, we have our families we wanna see too. But whatever it is, let’s try to stay sane by not doing things like that. We could never pass the crisis If most of people think of taking advantages given and not trying to stop being so mobile. How it feels sucks to see em keep doing it move here and there, we don’t know who bring the virus anyway.
Spending time in quarantine, working from home thing should make me have more idea to spend time inside. As an extrovert, it’s a hard thing to do, socializing is our main thing, meeting people, chatting, going out and spending time with others are definitely prohibited things to do. And the same time work from home started, I broke up. That gave me more stress than before. I keep myself sane by listening to more podcasts or finish watching Netflix series and such. Let’s keep our sanity dear extroverts pals, we can get through this. I am almost running out on idea of how to enjoy the quarantine, thanks to the work I still have even from home, study to do online, some writing and vlog to be edited and language i was learning to be learnt again. I start my daily activities with a stiff body, take some stretching to do, short zumba when my mood is on, then enjoy each ship of my tea or coffee in my landlord hydroponic area in our rooftop, doing my work and spend some more time exploring my cooking and such. Thank God I feel better.

cooking for this quarantine things

Having job who can pay the bills even after the crisis, and able to spend time without worry of what I should eat later is such privilege to get. Many things happen in this corona crisis show people true colors, some are just selfish and taking advantages while some others could be the light in others dark day. Let’s choose to be the second kind, help others who are in need since economy are slowing down after the quarantine things start and many business have fallen since, people who got work and paid daily are the ones having more struggle, and us who have the better conditions should be the one who help them. I am so touched to see the celebrity and influencers who are able to do some campaign for the healthcare workers who are on the frontline to fight this pandemic, some inspire more people to do good things in helping others fight the crisis. As an ordinary citizen, me and my friends try to do things we can do to help those in needs too, buying the lunch for people who work in ojek online, doing charity with friends to the society, donate from some fundraisers we know, join some organizations on the acts also part of us who work from home helping in this crisis.

keeping my sanity in the middle of stay at home

After all this time, we should try to help on each other to overcome the crisis, because one can’t do this alone. Having the risk of unable to go back to my hometown in Idul Fitri made me sad enough, let’s just do good things right and wish this corona season end sooner. Check up on your friends and family more often, who knows someone maybe lonelier than us, keep up the positive thoughts and do more things on our own part.
Have a good Sunday from my rooftop guys!