Goodbye First Love

I’m saying this to my five years one sided love

The one I really loved and always compare to every guy I meet in life
It’s unfair to always do this, maybe first love to me supposed not to succeed
Goodbye and take care you there
I’m doing this for my heart to be at ease
I don’t wanna feel burden anymore while loving in only one side
I don’t wanna wait for the one who’s not willing to come
Or even give no thought of doing it once
I wonder everytime If you’re really the one
Long time ago I got started, that time too I don’t know what was my reason to grow my feeling
But I keep being a nuisance to others that I cannot even move my heart from you
I was too hard on myself not to move from you
The one I can not even have as the loved one
I realize that I was only too young and naïve
When I first knew and fell for you then
I was able to move from you but turned out it was failed
Since he left me for another girl
I thought it would be that I meant to stay and hold my feelings for you
Months ago it was terrifying that we met again
But I found myself still as naïve as my old one
I decided that it was the last time I fell really hard for you
I kept my head straight to face you
I was happy and disappointed at the same time
That you’re still the old you, cold and just like before
I don’t wanna waste my time again, waiting for uncertainty
Staying in this side will be more hurtful to me
It’s a new start to me, moving to a new land and create new stories
There’s no such thing like silence love, or one sided one
I’ll go find the spoken one, whether it’s gotta be you or different man
Just wishing you a good life
I’m being a new me, just happy and fine
Goodbye, first love..
An already numb girl,