His name is Joe, my handsome classmate that I lately fall for.Seems a little too much I can like a boy with this character. So different from what I did before, I used to fall for a skinny guy but now hahaha I fall for a funny guy like Joe.
Talking about my First meeting with Joe was unapreciated. It was such a sunny hot day when I sat next to him. This guy never let his mouth open when nobody ask. I can’t stand to keep silent and I talked to him like crazy. Yaa,this loose mouth never stop from talkin nonsense. We laughed for my creepy jokes and I felt stupid when he asked my water to drink. You know what happened? The whole water inside the bottle was frozen to ice and keep us waiting to drink it. He laughed so stupidly. Aaaa I can’t ever stop my heart beating faster. Please don’t smile Joe, you’re Killing me softly.
“ May I drink your water?”
“ Yea,sure.Drink it as much you need, but you have to wait the ice to melt before drinking it. “
“ What a drink, it’s okay.I’ll wait it to melt down Hahaha “
                Haven’t I mention my name?Oooo my name is Tia. I’m on my 3rd year of this college. Here, our college life is as funny as highschool. We spend our time fooling around in class, make noises and hangout together with friends like crazy.
One of those favourite Activities in this place is playing Football. It’s so exciting to see them play Football and shout loudly to support your class.Aaaa it’s so much fun too see such a game. One of the reason I come often to the field is Joe. While support my class, I can Watch him playing pretty good. 😀
“ Okay guys, let’s pray for our class having Victor today. 3O you rock, go go go!!”
Our class yell is pretty good to be shouted in this field hahhaha..Goodluck you guys!!I’m your supporter here. Happy faces for our victories, creepy faces we have when we lose the games.
Talking about this game, we have no uniform. And we decide to buy those jerseys  to play the game and for the supporters. Friday afternoon, I’m the only girl to buy those clothes. Me, Joe, and 4 others go to Tampur to buy them. It was such a long way to go and the weather went bad. It’s raining hard, badluck Joe and me we have no raincoat. Stopping at a point and buy the raincoat for two. Hahaha cute raincoat has two heads 😀
“ Excuse me, can I buy a nice raincoat for two?” Joe asked the seller
“ Which one do you want? The cheap or expensive one? “
I know what he’s going to answer,the expensive one for sure. -__-‘’ We bought it and continue the interrupted way.
“ You want us to keep going or stop in somewhere shade? “
“ Just keep going Joe,we’re all wet already hahaha”
And we keep going to our destination place. Like an FTV I can say, we went here and there wearing that raincoat. I feel stupid for being happy in a condition like this.
“ We are we? We’re separated from the bunch.Let’s look for them,Ti. “
“ Sandy says he’s insiden this Market. But, I see none of them. What should I do? My battery level goes low. T.T “ I got panicked easily.
“ It’s okay, let’s look for them inside. “
It was such a happy, stupid, and wet day for me. For almost 4 hours we went there and bought those clothes. There’s also a stupid event when I did wrong bargaining the Price. I wanna hide this stupid head so he can’t see me. Aigoo, I’m really embarrassing. T__T
Every day feels interesting for me coming to the class in happy face. I walk from north way of the Building when I see Joe walking from the east way. Hahahaha His sleepy face can’t tell lies that he stay awake all night long. One of his hobby is staying up all night long and sometimes doing nothing. It doesn’t matter, he’s cute afterall. And one more thing about him you have to know. We can call him bear or Teddy Joe, yea his character is just like a bear. I’m sorry Joe, I call you bear hahaha
Another thing that makes me like him is his charm. Sorry to say, I’m an easily falling in love girl but I know which guy shows his sincerity wholeheartedly. Sometimes Joe tries to be funny and hahaha he’s just like that.
                I know liking someone with all my acts like this will cause trouble, and it already comes when they find out my feelings towards Joe.
“ Ti, do you like Joe? “
“ Why all of sudden you asked this thing? “
“ The way you see him, wearing the same back number and smile so bright seeing him playing. You can’t tell lies Ti. Oh, come on. “ Yana strafe me with his guessing.
And oh my God, my face reacts faster than my mouth. Ya, the whole class know the truth eventually. Kill meee..What can I say to Joe? T__T He already knows someone in the past I used to like. But, I have no idea of this feeling that follows me.
                One of the famous game, truth or dare. I hate it when it comes to my turn to be asked and straight my friend ask me about my feeling. Sorry to say, I loose my feelings towards him I say. Sorry, I can’t tell you honestly.
                Our lecturer have a request we should fulfill for having a good marka at his subject. He asked us to come in a Table Manner thing and divide us in several groups of Three classes of him.And guess what? I have my group with him. AAAA.. I have trouble breathing I think, when he sat next to me. Ommoo, and he’s the person next to me to Give the seat for me.
Days passed, months and we’ve come to an end. I enjoyed this class. You know, I’m that type of person who hate saying goodbye. This class too..
Our last day in class, I was so stupid forget to bring Money. And he’s also that person I call stupid, forget bring Money like me.hahaha He’s busy drawing Patrick when I enter the class. I know he’s good at drawing and etc. We’ve exchanged our stories of life when we have our duty for a certain subject. And he said my life was just like FTV. -___- Forget about the FTV, he draw Patrick in a good way and I asked him to draw Spongebob near.His good drawing is being a mess when my classmates ruin that. Aaaaak, I’m the one who ask him to draw Spongebob.Why you guys?!! Akk,I’m getting frustated towards them..
Colleges life comes to an end,our last day ends..I miss you already guys, I miss class, and I miss our mess of joking. I can’t see bear in class anymore, I can’t ask him to draw something anymore. But, I still have reason to meet him one more time. He brings my flasdisk. Hahaha
One morning a message comes,
Yeayyy It’s him. He says he wanna return my flasdisk and we decided to meet in campus. Oh my God, I was so surprised seeing him getting bigger and Close to bear alike.
Another day after that last day, we have our farewell briefing before practical work in government Office. I’m annoyed to death that it was just about 30 minutes briefing. Aisshh..Annoying really.Feeling the hot weather I move my body to that big air conditioner near the window when suddenly he comes the same way. And our friends shout this FTV alike isn’t even funny. I don’t care, I can see him it’s enough..
Practical work, different lecturer and our stories come to a stagnan point. We have our own line now, our own way to see other Activities beside school that’s already over. Bye Bee Joe, let’s graduate together and hope we can met again in a good way. 😀