I Realize

Listening and giving a thought of Maher Zain’s song ” For The Rest of My Life” which tells a song from a husband to her wife, I realize some important lessons to take..
As a girl who never give a good thought of marriage, it would be great If I’d be waken up from the reality when I meet my man someday in the future. Giving a thought of it I just have no idea which one will lead me building a home in jannah together.
Which one will stop his steps and see me
Which one will fill my another empty half
Which one will make a vow to spend the rest of his life with me

I realize that living alone will be miserable and lonely.
That one day in the future I have to find the one to marry
That I won’t let my generation extinct
That I wont let my parents worry seeing me being single the whole life

Speaking of which person compatible with me, finding the perfect one is not easy.
I’ve been too picky this whole time
There’s a time when I want someone, he wants another
And someone whom I dont wish, want me so bad
Or having same feeling in the wrong situation I couldnt tell
There will always the kind of person who ‘s meant to come across and never stay
There will be kind of person who’s hesitant to come but wanna stay
And there will be the only one who’ll finally make me sure to stay

Ah, keep thinking isnt good for mentality and my health
Keep improving and learning to be better is one and only way to get closer to the person I wanna find
Since keep praying only won’t do If I dont give my effort too
Doing both in same poportion is better anyway..

We’ll see who’s the one will end up staying with me