Life Stage
Being a 23 years old and already involved in such office worklife is a totally different stage I’m at. Having school life for many years, entering college life that feels like playground, and now I’m at the near stage to enter, worklife. One by one, my friends are getting married, have kids, moving into the next step I haven’t entered. Several years ago, it’s okay If I didn’t give a proper thought of it. But, these days it feels like I only have few friends. Unlike the school and college life those old days when I could easily get my friend accompany me going out, playing around or get lost together. Being lonely and less happy than those good old days seriously driving me crazy.
   Worklife and school life are totally different. In the past time, it’s okay to be whatever I wanna be, don’t care about appearance and style, speak blutantly and careless. But, entering office worklife is a total different. I have to care about how I dress up, speak in a proper way, and be wise about dividing my time since I work in a system I have to follow. Being a civil servant who works in a small cubicle that limits my movements, creativity is a must have thing. Imagine If I only pass the whole weekend with same routine, going to office early, coming back when the sun sets, take a rest, from Monday to Friday, and spend weekend for hibernate. How boring my life will be. It sucks If I just follow the routine without side jobs or doing my hobbies. I will just grow old in this boring office worklife and go crazy.
You need to getaway ~~~
 Long working hours and hidden free time is a package I receive from this office life. If I don’t keep my idealism about the things I wanna do then I’ll just get wasted. Writing, learning new languages, watching dramas, having my vacations and going to places for working out my body are just example I could do beside my tiring job. It would be nice to have some friends to go on vacations, do culinary tour and singing along. God, I don’t mind wherever I’ll be placed as long as I get those kind of friends, there’s an airport, karaoke place and good things to be concerned about my next study. hahaha xD
   Speaking of the next stage I haven’t entered, marriage life, I don’t wanna rush into it and ruin my entire life. People have their own lifeplans, so do I.
I’ll just go for it when I’m done with myself. Maybe three years from now, maybe five, or maybe the time I don’t know. I believe God wouldn’t let me feeling lonely. Just go on with my current life and be happy. I’m not even give a glimpse of my eyes to focus on finding mr. Destiny. It would be a waste If I’m the one who put effort. Do many things I haven’t finished with myself, be better and dear future husband let us find each other when it’s about time to meet #tsaah.
Welcome to worklife, don’t get stress, enjoy your hidden free time, be a woman that man needs and live happily ~
Life will be interesting and love will find its way eventually ~