Marriage and Wedding Invitations

Reaching the end of this year,
wedding invitations keep coming uncontrolably..
Reading one by one of the words,
spelling the names mentioned on it,
familiar names keep appearing
One by one, slow but sure
my friends around start to move on to the next life journey
Make a vow to spend the rest of their lifes together,
building a new clan from their own

Happiness and sadness come the same time
Happy to witness your very friends getting married to the loved ones
Sad for still staying in the state where you’re still alone
Watching one by one of them being mature and fully grown
You can only wonder what’s gonna happen to yours
Which one will take your hands and make a vow
Which person will agree to spend the rest of his life being by your side
When can you meet him,
or what kind of marriage you gotta step into

It’s not important to just think and doing nothing
It’s not good If you keep wavering your feeling
It’s no use If you stand still being the same person without improvement everyday
Learn many things you can, go somewhere place you never been before
Speak the language you rarely use and make friends with as many as you can
While you still can

It’s still enough time for you to prepare,
before entering the gate of different life
Before losing your very freeee time to do anything you want
Live your life everyday and be happy

People say, love will find its way eventually


younger me