My Travelling Postcards and Mails

    Missing the old times when I was still doing snailmailling with my cousin in Semarang, and my thirst of writing the post-office related things, I’m interested joining the postcrossing things. Signing up for free and doing the postcrossing since I submitted request to get the address of my card recipient, I finally get my sense of sending and receiving letter and postcard again. This account in postcross isn’t enough for me. I wanna have penpals too, and get some of penpals after some of them give likes in my instagram posts. We start to have a chat and decide to be penpals, oh I hope the letter will reach me soon. I’d love to do the corresponding letter, it will be lovely.
   Having some postcrossing, and exchanging postcard after chatting by DM, I get the chance to have penpals by writing letter. Some willing to write first to me and I’m looking forward to accepting the letter soon, while some want me to send the letter first. Hihiihi
These various new friends I get comes from foreign country of course, but there’s Indonesian too. They comes from Turkey, Russia, Lewisburg, Thailand, Germany, Uruguay, and Belgium (he’s not in reach sadly). My favourite persons so far are the Turkiye ones, they’re so friendly and beautiful. :”>
   Buying lovely postcards in post office isn’t as satisfying as the old times. They provide limited kind of postcards, and it makes me confused at first. Since I’m new and ashamed If I send those cheap and limited postcards to my penfriend, I’m looking for them in other places. Luckily I know my senior, Kak Yella is doing postcrossing too. I know the online shop for postcards and get it on hand after two days. I’m so happy receiving the package ontime. Yeayyy, start writing and get ready to send them to those gals.
Spending xxx rupiahs for buying online and send those postcards to Europe, costs so much money hahaha. I don’t have a penny now. Then I start to think of making my own postcards. And voilla, I collect the pictures if Indonesian beauty to be printed and some made by my own hands hahaha. I spend my precious weekend to look for an advertising studio to print the postcards and buy some paper to create my own letter. And here they are, some of my masterpiece wkwkwk
outgoing mails..
this is outgoing postcards to Uruguay :”
outgoing postcards to Germany and Russia
the ready stock for being sent
printing my own postcards
this is the product of online shop I talk about
    20150124_110559 20150121_112241 20150121_110514
Hope to get reply soon, and my postcards and letter reach you soon, pals. I’m really excited to have this global friendship
Full of excitement and love,
Your Penfriend,