My Very Free Time

   Having too many workload to do? You run out of time. Having no work to do? The time feels too long to get through and making yourself confused of the daily activities to do. The second one is my current condition nowadays. I’m in the Internal Inspection section of this office. Guess what? Almost no duty to do, almost all time free, almost going crazy for not knowing what to do. I’ve been in this section since the middle of February ahaha. But, having too many free time will be a waste if I dont use it wisely. Luckily I still have my duolingo daily exercise which makes me busy learning Germany and Turkish during this free time. I only take few sections for each day. I can’t do the whole exercise in one day streak, and I dont want it. Easily get bored is my thing, that’s why I write down the things I’ll do for the next day. I learn the duolingo for several sections, get bored and browse for the topic I’ve written at night. Browsing, sitting in the desk for the whole day, I seriously cant do that. Prefer to take a walk to another section, talk to this and that pals, gossiping, or just taking a walk around this office after finish the learning.



   People say time is money, but not always. Having too much time freely doing nothing will lead you nowhere to improve. Having overwork also isn’t good. What I need is balance both the working time and my free time. So this is it, my very free time during the waiting for work placement to come. Will it be this month? Or next month? I don’t know. Just wait, make the very free time to be useful and prepare for the surprise ~

In waiting,
Anggi Restiana