One fine night in Filosofi Kopi

   Having almost all 400 people gathering in Purnawarman is a good chance to meet old friends. One side it’s great to be able too see those guys, another side it is a disadvantage for people with no geng like me. Old classes during college life I have are gathering here, 1J,2B, and 3O, the people remains the same but the priorities dont. This one prefer the 2nd year class, this one prefer the last year class, and this one is being confused of who will go out with her. Poor me, I always feel like being placed in the class who lost the togetherness we used to have after having our class separated. Ah, it makes me jealous whenever another classes are doing just fine with the separation and still can go out together without meaningful conflict. It’s okay that everybody has their own priority but it’s still sad that my 1J,2B and 3O have nowhere to go for having sharing moment.
   One fine night when I am in the mood of going out, after the appointment 3O wants to go out suddenly it turns out to be wasted. It’s just me going out with these two guys finally, Rio and Ali. I get myself feel the badmood at first, having creepy talk, and being happy at last. I wanna see the cafe owner but turns that he wasnt there, Rio Dewanto. Next time maybe. One of the coffee shop you should visit is here, I love the atmosphere they offer. They have this kind of interior, people keep coming into this place even when there’s no seat for you. They wait patiently to get their turn. We just have to wait for three minutes and get our seat to drink our coffee (I’m not in a fit condition and drink chocholatte instead of coffee)
   The price for each cup is around 30k, and the taste is fine. I love the chocholatte drink :9
This cafe located in Jl. Melawai near Blok M square, you can stop by this place after having a tiring shopping day in Blok M. We can use the apron to take pictures too, act like barista working in a coffe shop.
 It’s just several hours, pushing back the plan to study PPN and I’m fine. Walking from Blok M until home, feel the wind blows at night, I’m fine, I’m fine ~~
Try to have one ship of coffee, deal with the bitterness and be tough ~
Coffee lover,
Anggi R. Dewi