Riau, the smokey haze

   Havent I told you about my times I spent in Riau? Hahahah it was very veryyyy looong time to bethrough alone. I went to Riau from Jakarta at 6 o colck flight to Riau.. I was the most miserable girl in airport I think, I had to go there alone without partner.. Ooooh I’m so sick of this
The person from regional office of N#^%& the politic party I can’t mention whose financial report became my responsibility came to pick me up. Riau people were good, but it was a messy day when the electricity all over the city went out. It’s seriously miserable for me who came there alone..
I went to Ibis Hotel and spent the rest of the night crazily alone, the only thing accompanying my sleeping is TV tuner hahahaha..


too empty to be a;lone




tasty breakfast :9




selfie kekekeke


ready to go


makanan khas Riau


my messy 704


kandang babi opps



yummy crepes :9

I listened to the music till I fell asleep until the daylight arrived..
Ooo and one more thing, those people couldn’t cooperate properly with me. I was so stresssed but I didnt wanna spend my precious time for the over the schedule hahahaha
I spent my days in Ibis seeing those happy family eating breakfast together while I had to eat alone.. What a routine, going to office helped them finishing their report but getting tired of the mess they made. And at night I spent my loneliness in that 704 room hahaha Miserable -___- The only entertainment I got was walking around SKA mall, spent money for snacking and singing like crazy in my room.Hahaha
Last day, I went to buy some food for friends and hahaha it was good enough for having an experience working for a financial report making for the national election :”

Good bye Pekanbaru, the smokey haze city in Riau..
I wanna go to another place, please..amiiin



selfie before leaving,chaw