The Life Changing Moments in Jakarta

    Starting the two weeks training due to work matter in Jakarta is a fresh air to my boring daily life at the counter. I get so bored in the counter while serving people in the middle of the crowd. Although Jakarta itself is a busy and noisy city, coming there for two weeks is a good news for me. While studying full time during weekdays, the weekend time feels so nice to me going wherever places to see my long time no see friends.
Take place in Kemanggisan, West Jakarta I totally enjoy the two weeks long new life phase of my career. Starting the first weekend coming in Rawamangun, again as always and sleepover in my bestfriend’s place, Arum. Having the meetup with this one, that one and everybody I wanna meet while I can, being in Jakarta somehow making me happy. Meetup with my fellow NZ mate, Wahid and take a ship of Tuku coffee I have been craving for long time, going to my training location as he dropped me off there and me in a full ready mood for the training.

First week of training, the haha hehe class which mostly consist of women unlike what everybody’s been saying that the training will be mostly men. It was all fine since it’s like a nice escape for us the cubicle workers and see our old friends. We have our class from morning to evening like crazy. First week is better because it hasn’t reach the peak season of our task.
First days out in the weekend, I go around many parts of the city from meetup to meetup with everyone I could meet LOL Like I can. I go visiting the STAPALA juniors a.ka the babies of our Stapala bros sis. I get some meetup too, for the next trip or just another going out eating out.

   Having my birthday earlier celebrated on last day of my first batch lecturer, yeay. But having my new age in the middle of busy class and my collapsed health condition is totally something. Well goodbye my first quarter, shoulda get better in everything I could be, better version of me. Welcoming the new age should be awesome baby. Enjoying the last days of this life changing training the class is getting crazier, we study until midnight on last day even until morning. It is how we deal with deadline in the future. When it’s almost the end of the study we prepare the performance to our “Malam Gemuruh” its called. Our class performing Indian dance, omg we really enjoy it.
Goodbye to our routine, morning gym with the loud alarm from the server, early class, the breakfast, lunch and dinner together, the talkie talkie and loud jokes eveytime with these mates, we close our togetherness in the rooftop and take pics together.
Been ending the training and get ready for ma runaway birthday trip, goodbye to the gorgeous sky from 9th floor, Manhattan kw 100.

Cheers and see you on top lads!