There’s a moment

   There’s a moment when I’m getting bored of the things happen in my current daily activities. There’s a moment when I’m too lazy to do anything and just wanna spend the whole day to sleep and being a moveless person, especially when it’s weekend. I’ ve spend the 5 days to go working (or you can call it pre-working) and only doing this and that. I come to work at 7.30 and go home at 5 pm, get home when it’s about to dark, wash up and it’s almost doing nothing at night since I don’t have much energy left, just repeating the duolingo I learn during my working day and so on, sleeping, then it’s coming again the other day same routines. Keep repeating the same things in a long time is totally not my thing. I can be very passionate and excitedly doing everything in the beginning, for the office working life it will be hard to me. I’m being cheerful and passionate at first, but nowadays it seems my mood has gone somewhere far. When I’m not in the mood to talk I keep my mouth shut, join the crowd when I don’t have the atmosphere ruined. I keep myself quiet more than before in the past. It’s been 5 months already and still theres no more news for DiklatPrajab and the placement that will be the first ground to step for my lifeplan. I’m ready for the plan A, B or C. Hope everything will go according to plans.

The waiting girl who desperately needs vacations,
Anggi Restiana Dewi