Have you ever heard about angkringan? If you’re living in Indonesia, Central Java and Jogjakarta it’s familiar enough to find this angkringan thing. Angkringan which is also well known for it’s “nasi kucing” menu or cat portion menu that’s small for its amount and the price is economical and affordable, an alternative to spend time eating together with friends. Especially for students. Since the price is affordable, and the traditional menu they can have angkringan is one of most favourite places to eat. There are various food you can eat beside “nasi kucing”, such as satay, fried foods like bakwan, tempe, tofu or “ceker” and other food called bacem. Bacem is kind of food (usually tofu, tempe and egg) made with traditional ingredients like palm sugar, ginger, bayleaf, pepper boiled then fried. Usually bacem tastes sweet, but I like it 😀
If you haven’t been to angkringan, try it once and you’ll know why it’s addictive to go there over and over again ~

anak gaul angkringan