Sunday Funwalk

   Sunday morning, March 15th 2015 around my hometown, Grabag there’s an event held by government bank, a fun walk. Thousands people join the event and take over the main road and caused traffiec jam. Hohoho sorry people
   Walking around this sub-district in sunny day like this is really making my day. Plus, my body isn’t in well condition. Taking a walk with bunch of people and see how beautiful the view this hometown has. We can see the clear blue sky and mountain view along the way walking.

I come to this event with my junior high friend, Ervi. And we meet another pals unplanned. Yeay! The selfie we take mostly in backlight position, err.

what a sunny day 😀
the mood is good although the field muddy and wet

Arrive at the finish point and it’s time for doorprize, everyone gather in this muddy field. The entusiasm of wanting to get the prize is what makes people stay until the event’s over, just like me. Even after my partner in crime go home first, I continue to witness the event along with my neighbour I meet. I just get the mug prize it’s okay hahaha. And the ‘cincau” ice I drink feels really refreshing, this is when es cincau meets beautiful scenery, event and muddy field.

refreshing “es cincau”

Tired but happy,

Anggi Restiana Dewi