Two Postcards Arrive in Germany

   It was Saturday when my body in a very bad condition and I just lay down to sleep. Finally had to go out to take the left items at office, my father took me to “tukang pijit langganan” to repair my body. I was so dizzy, running nose, and heavy head.
Dresden Silhouette
   Ready to take a nap when there were two messages coming. One from Virginie and Annete. Virginie was so happy for getting my Bali kids card, wishing my postcrossing and mailing to be well all the time. And I just say ameen to her prayer since until now I haven’t received any mail or postcard in my mailbox. I don’t know it’s the postman’s fault or it’s being stacked or whatever. It’s been 8 weeks and I’m getting disappointed, one by one the mails and postcard reach the destinations but where’s mine? Urg I’m so desperate waiting.
   Another happy news is from Annete, she said that my mail arrives safely and already write the reply to me. Yeaay! Should wait for more, be patient more. Dear God, let me receive all the cards and mails I deserve that I’ve been waiting for this long.
still waiting

Anggi Restiana