Seeking information through many sources and I have the courage to make savings which is the saving for my travelling and study abroad in the future. Since I havent accpeted the full payment from my job, the only thing I can start doing is learning. Turkey, one of the country I wanted to visit badly, is Asia-Europe country, Eurasia. It has west and east mixed cultures, this side has the look of western life and the other side has the muslim life, which both can last harmonically. To be honest I just know this country from History subject during my school life. And I get hypnotized for its great tourism objects and view that I know for the past several years. Thats how I feell for the great view in Pamukkale, the beauty of Sultan Ahmet mosque, the stunning Asia side and Europe side of this country, flying hot air ballon in Capadoccia and many others.
Capadoccia, Turkey , source adventurouskate.com
look at the view Bosphorus
   Lately there’s shocking news for solo woman backpacker killed in Turkey, I have my own worry but dont wanna burry myself worrying things that can happen everwhere even in your own neighbourhood. The radical movement of ISIS that takes place in Suriah, the neighbour country of Turkey. I don’t wanna worry over those things. Just start my saving for it. Several reccommendation blog I read tell how beautiful this country, the good looking guys and gals *ekekeke, and safe travel.
   It’s not difficult to go to Turkey nowadays for Indonesian, since the visa is VOA (Visa on Arrival) we’ve been freed from such difficulties visa making. The only thing I have to spare is my money and time. Plan to go there after get my saving enough for travelling solo after going to the neighbourhood Asian countries of course. Looking forward to arriving there soooon. Let’s save money and go to Turkey 😀
Anggi Restiana Dewi
*solo travelling plan*
* all pictures taken from the adventurouskate.com *
hope to travel like her