Beauty is Pain

   Being beautiful is a dream that every girl/woman in this world have. Sadly the definition of beauty often being generalized as the white skinned girl with long hair and dimple on her cheeks, have a Spain guitar body and so on. Ewww, that’s too cruel that the definition of beauty being generalized, not every girl born as the way common people think. Not every girl love long hair, not every girl born in white skin, not every girl born in a good shape, and not every girl has pretty look like what people do believe as beauty.
   It’s a gift for the girl that was born in a good shape, don’t need too much treatment to take care of the body. But, it’s a disadvantage for the ones who don’t get the perfect body. Somehow we don’t always get the things we want. Some people may born with natural beauty, but nothing will last forever right? As the time goes by, I don’t believe that natural beauty does exist. How come it’s natural beauty when there’s tutorial for natural make up? Make up isn’t natural, is it?
   There are many ways girls do to look beautiful. They go through many treatments to remove this, fix this and that part of the body and never get satisfied. And there’s this kind of them that unwillingly to do such things, don’t want to suffer for being good looking. There’s a saying “ Beauty is pain!”, and I’m totally agree with this. Yes, it’s pain everywhere. To get perfect skin you’ll have facial to remove all the dirt and get your face red, or spend your money on treatments, put the make up on with its steps to look good and all of them are tiring for me.
   One day in my second year college, a friend dressed me nicely and changed me. After having my on off for being feminime, fall down while walking using highheels and so on,  I finally realize that it’s important to care for your own body and wearing. It’s okay to put make up on for such events that need it and leave it when it’s unnecessary. It’s okay to dress up nicely and have your own taste, now that I understand how to wear feminime clothes, it’s more than enough.  Having worked in cruel city like Jakarta, watch how those”high building office” ladies dress nicely then I look at myself and found me terrible. Started to change and love the more female stuffs hahaha. I even remember one of the testimony my friend wrote me during college, “ If you keep dressing up like a man although you are wearing hijab, then how could you teach your future daughter to act like a girl?” Then I slowly learn to be feminime, stop, do it again, stop again, and do it again. LOL
Can’t help but to learn being feminime and it’s totally tiring. Like what I get today, beauty class and simple hijab tutorial with Ward*h  at office hall and it’s FREE hahaha. I’m so happy to get the class eventhough I make a lot of mistakes to my face. I can’t draw the line well and it hurts my eyes. Thanks for the patient tutor who were willing to help me fix them. We were taught how to do simple make up for daily use at the office. How dare you call it simple when we have to do tons of steps hahaha. But anyway thanks God I get one of my wishes that my office give its workers such beauty class. Once is enough. But, it would be okay to join again when it’s free xD