Day 17 Ways to Win My Heart

Speaking about romance, I’m not really sure about what ways to win my heart. I’m letting the things flow as long as he puts his efforts and I do mine, thats how the meeting point of us will do well. But talking more about the ways to win my heart I’ll try to pour it into this writing.

Smart and passionate guy
I like smart guy, bukan cowok yang harus jenius pinter banget. No no its not like that. What I mean by smart is, dia tau banyak tentang banyak hal dan punya same interest, misal music, traveling atau hal yang menarik untuk dibahas. Some people say I’m saphiosexual who falls for smart guy, yess it is. Talking bout many topics and the talk going smooth and enjoyable is the most important I see from a connection with someone. I like someone who speak good English. And the person who’s passionate about his thing. It also melts my heart when the guy teach me something good without making me feel stupid for things i dont quite understand.

Good taste in music and sports
I like a guy who can play music, or sing. Since i do like singing a lot. It would be great if our music taste connects us. We can cover songs together maybe. I’d prefer a guy who use song to express feeling rather than the one who loves that “nggombal nggombal cringe”. Other thing that may move me is the guy who do sports. It would be nice to do some workout together outside and catch fresh air. And some more outdoor activities, would be nice to have same interest.

Caring and patient
Sebagai cewek galak, ketemu cowok soft dan caring serta penyabar adalah hal yang mudah membuatku luluh. As my parents and bros have been facing this fierce personality the whole time, the opposite personality is the yin to my yang. I may appear strong and independent, but actually I can be clingy and attached to the person I am attracted. Istilah kata kalo sayang bisa bucin dan bakal makin luluh kalo dialusin. Tulung!

Openminded and supportif
I like the guy who’s openminded. Being with openminded people is nice, they listen, observe and see things from different perspective without judging you. I’m okay with having different opinions but we both respecting each other for the differences. I love a guy who loves my scars as a part of my life stories, not as something that will make the person see me less worth. I’m also impressed when the guy is supportive, in many things, career, passion, or even hobbies and let me be whoever I am. It melts my heart when a guy know how extrovert and sanguin I am but choose to understand rather than trying to change me. I am also supportive to my loved ones and would be nice if it goes both ways.

Love me but give me my space
As an Aquarian, wanting to be loved but also need space is damn true to me. I love texting, calling, videochatting, hanging out with you but not in a clingy way. To be honest, I get bored easily. Eventhough I love you that much that doesnt mean I dont need space. We may text or call everyday but still respecting both of our space. You do your things, i’ll do mine but we’re still connected.

Dont play unecessary drama
Drama is draining me a lot. Ups and downs in a relation between two people is normal but i dont wanna play unecessary drama like what happened in my teenage age. I love the guy who knows how to act, when he’s needed to take control, make decisions or take actions. I’ll apologize when I’m wrong and so does him. We need to be two adults who wanna make things work, not the opposite.

I’m giving people their ways to win my heart without my intention to break them. But somehow i am often in badluck at love, haha i dont know why. Many people may attract me, but only few who can win my heart. Goodluck in winning over my solitude.