20 Things That Happened In My 20’s

   Around the age of 20’s, the most crucial stage for us. Being in such transition from teen age to adult, it’s a hard stage but we have to be there. In the age of 20’s many important decision made and we have to be responsible of everything we’re going to do. The so called maturity for us starting from this 20th age, gives many new experiences and surprises of the things we’ve never had before.
1. Being an essay fighter, as a college student

my lovely college life happened here
   As a college student who’ll finish her 3 years of college life in Diploma Programme, I have to finish essay, the final report for completing my study. And it’s not easy If you get the perfectionist lecturer heuheu. Luckily I can finish it after so many corrections I get.
2. Your turn to graduate
me and STAPALA in graduation 🙂


w my parents




3. Watch your friends graduated then move
In my life, I graduate first in Diploma Programme. But, my friends who finish their master program get their job first. While STANers 2010 have to wait for an uncertain time to do the placement test then have to wait more to be a part of Ministry of Finance. This thing that sadden me for not going in the university I was craving for. It’s destined that now I’m a civil servant to be :”) while some of my friends are going to continue their S2 study. Contrast isnt it? This is how we’re being separated, everyone moves as the time goes by.

4. Craving for a job

I was an intern in DKI Jakarta Provincial Government

Before the graduation I’ve signed a contract to work in DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in a Sensus Program. Thanks God I spend my first 3 months to work rather than being jobless and stay at home. I don’t wanna waste my precious time doing nothing useful. By working here, I get so many lessons, new friends from STAN too, and sooo many things I can’t tell one by one :”) Thanks guys, I appreciate you all so much.

In Kanaka Public Accountant Office, my job as a consultant

Finishing my first internship, I’m not being satisfied and I continue looking for a job. And I was accepted in Kanaka Puradiredja Suhartono Accountant Office. I get a job as a consultant, can travel to several places and make friends with more and more people :”) Thanks guys, I will never forget our friendship Kanaka 48, we even held “Makrab”

5. Taste the bitter of being a jobless person

   I was confused in the end of May after finished my job contract in Kanaka and finally decided to go home, going on a trip, attending several wedding invitations and well staying home and being jobless. I hate it when being jobless makes me emotionally damaged. But thanks to Ramadhan month that comes as I stay at home. Alhamdulillah I get myself calmer and wiser. But I wonder when will TKD be held? I’m tired tasting the bitter of being jobless. Hope the best for STANers 2010, may Allah bless us all.
6. Try to reconcile your idealism and reality

I have a liberal soul, an untamed personality, an idealism I don’t wanna cross but it was over. I used to dream of being a doctor and failed getting in my dream track. I was thrown faar away from the path I wanna cross, now I’ve finished my Taxation Program in college but I still feel that it’s not my spirit. People say you won’t feel like working when its the job you love. And I wonder will I love this kind of job? I am in this path, trying to rebuild my idealism that now the reality has dragged me in this way. I used to uncare of the subjects I don’t like, but now I realize that this path I have to cross need to be taken care.

7. Getting my first job

   Waiting for miraculous day, when will TKD, our placement test be held? I will soon be a part of Ministry of Finance. I wonder which department I will be in, BKF, DJP, DJBC or what? I have to study more, not to fail my carreer way, but I will wait the exact date announced.

My dream job, far away from the reality now. My spirit is in some kind of free time job like singer, reporter for adventurous program, or freelancer. Ah, I will soon work in some kind of those boring building. I have to be ready then..

8. Living alone and financially independent

   Since I get the internship and chance to work I prefer living alone than staying home. Sooner, after TKD and I get placed in a department of Ministry of Finance living alone is the only choice. I will have my independent life without asking for every penny of my parents. The age of 20’s is a new start of lifestage, being independent and ready to become adult.
9. Start thinking about Long term commitment

   I used to have unsettled relationships, no status, just go with the flow. Ya, sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s worse as I can’t have the right to be jealous and so on. Those childish relationships, love stories that ended up sucks, having different beliefs or whatever the matters I’m not intereswted in those things anymore.
   Being a grown up woman, I started to think what kind of a man will be my pair, the person who understand me and care more, the person whom I can lean on, the one who never get tired of what happens and be mature enough to face everything in life. And it has to be someone with strong commitment I think.
10. Starting to care about my health

Taking care of my health is important. I start to be a bit picky of the food I eat. I love outdoor activities, sports, and I start to go to gym just to force myself working out while I’m still in waiting for miraculous announcement of TKD. When I’m about to start love running, it’s Ramadhan now. I almost have a blackout in gym, I force myself too hard to run. Well, after the announcement comes, exact date of TKD, and I’ll start to live independent again I swear I will live healthier and happier. Slap me IF I forget to be spiritful! Hihihi

11. Start to manage my money, investment and savings

Being an intern, working in Provincial Governtment and Accountant Office, I tend to spend money whenever I wish. I love travelling, I’m a bit careless of my savings. But, I’m gratefull at least I have 7 months being productive in this kind of waiting, earn my own money, buy a smartphone, daypack, heels, and several things. Since I ran out of money, I have to fasten my seatbelt to be tidier to organize my financial.

12. Make money is difficult, finally I know that feeling!

After working in two different field, have to wake up early, struggle to get the commuter in a very crowded station, continue walking and wait for kopaja etc, and the routine I have everyday for working, now I know the hard thing to earn money. Reality slaps me in the face!I have to be more dicipline for my work and money.

13. Learn to live within my own capability

Being a kid, teenager, I want this and that so bad, giving a really childish reason to have this and that thing, buying unnecesary things and many more. Since I’m a grown up lady now, I have to be realistic of the capability I have. I’ll spend money based on my needs.

14. Do my hobbies and self-development things

Before 20 I’m kinda confused and loose directions of where I will and what I wanna do. Since I’m no longer a kid I have rights to do whatever I want, what hobbies I have. I will continue my TOEFL couse, foreign language course, boxing, travelling, writing, singing in all the way I want. The key is, I have to know my day off and arrange my own schedule as I wish.

15 I’m so brokenhearted till no longer believe in love

maybe I can fall in love again If the person is Kim Soo Hyun alike wkwkwk

Being in love, unable to have real relationship even once, too many things that keep me away from a serious relationship so many times I’m broken. Being friendzoned, friendzoning people, being a runaway love of someone, having a close relation that ended up being nothing, and a very painfull brokenheart,etc I’ve been there and done that. Hahaha Now, I’m in the stage that I am really disappointed of what guys are. I’m tired, and give up. Let’s see If one day there’s a guy that fits me perfectly, what miracle will come to me ~

16. One by one, my friends are getting married

get invitation w my own name on it

One by one, my friends are getting married, invitations everwhere, attending my friends wedding is such a common thing to do. It reminds me that being in 20’s is a serious stage. Hmm, will I be ready to be like them? Well, getting married isn’t a game to play, I will not just do it because my friends are getting into it. I have to be ready and settled :”)

17. Facebook, Path etc full of marriage, pregnancy and baby stories of my friends~

The topic changed, one by one getting married, and the pictures they post in social media isn’t just lovey dovey thing. Started from some kind of pregnancy till the picture of baby everywhere. I’m getting old already

18. Left behind

I used to have friends everywhere, after graduation it seems I’m lonely. Where is everybody? This is life, I have to be ready for being left behind. But, taking care of the friendship we used to have isn’t my only responsibilities, both sides have to do same way to keep the friendship we used to have. A tie that we never take care will loose and disappear. While, the other thing as our priority in life is family, make them priority before they leave you one by one. Remember, family is number 1.

19. Slowly, all of my experiences change me into an emotionally stable person

I’m tired of being drama queen of my life. Finally, growing up make me calmer and wiser. I’m not as explosive as before, I’m not asshole like before. I’m grown up and responsible enough.

20. At the end, I learn about destined things

I’m no longer a stubborn girl who willl get everything I want. I know the things are destined on their way. I will accept the fact that I can’t be with the person that isn’t destined for me. I accept the fact that I wans’t a medical student and I won’t be a doctor. I know God creates destiny to teach us lessons. And at the end, as a human I have to know that what human can do is giving some efforts while God is the one who will decide.

   Those are 20 things happen in our 20’s from my perspective. Stage of life that we should pass, leaving the happy teen life and move on to the next stage for being adults. Well, being mature is a must while being youthful person is your choice. Let’s be happy no matter whats gonna happen in life.
Sincerely, a no longer girl
around her 20’s
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