” Are you dumb? Why do you think I came here? Coming here in a bus for 6 hours, staying here for just 3 hours then going back for 6 hours in the bus again. Why do you think I did that? I think you know it too.. But this time, I should say it clearly. Since this year is almost over, I cant do an one-sided love for 2 years, you know. I like you, thats why I came all the way here. I’m not asking you to like me, I know you like someone else and so I thought about not telling you but what can I do about liking you?”
I really like this part done by Chil Bong from Reply 1994, how his one sided love feels like hell. 
How he loves a girl that finally he can’t get 
It was kinda breaking my heart to see my favourite character didnt get along very well in that drama..
he’s gorgeous right? :3