When Zombie Leaves Her Phone

   Zombie, this named after the people who use commuter but can’t live without their phones, keep wearing headphone or playing games and ignore surroundings..This kind of zombie, feeling insecure everytime they’re far from their phones..And sometimes I become like this. Hahaha..
What happens when a zombie leaves her phone? Insecure, alone, “pahpoh” have no entertainment and feeling confused. You have to try keeping your cellphone, i mean smartphone that so many times make you stupid far from your reach. You can put it in the hidden pouch in your bag hohoho.. It’s difficult trying to interact with people while most people limit themself to interact with others. It may be hard to be a part of “trying to live more humans and socialize” but so many times it gives you chances to meet people to share stories and useful lessons of life. And I’m trying to be it more and more.. But sometimes when I get bored I’m becoming zombie hahaha..

my mood at first

This morning, I wake up late and in a rush to chase the train at 7 am but I’m kinda too late to take it. I look around and sigh. After getting disappointed of not seeing a person I wanna see I go to office alone without any moodbooster in this sunny Friday I wanna be zombie agaain. But then I decide not to..
I meet a new person in that commuter, an old man ask me where I wanna go, to school or work hohoo.. I’m still young that he thinks I’m going to school . 😀 And that conversation goes on, he’s an alumnus of UGM and Andi Malaranggeng’s senior. We talk about politics, economics and tax and anything related to this country..
He said, I’m kind of genious.. ” You should continue your study well, don’t stop going to college again just because you’re a woman” . Absolutely, I will.. Thinking about carrer in front of me, and pending the matters about marriage that hasn’t come in mind..
I get off in Tebet and he continues his way to Kalibata.. See you sir, thankyou for the advices

written in a troubly late morning,