Afraid to fall down from heights, afraid to cross the bridge while watching around me
Afraid to fall in love again
That would be the same feeling to have here
Afraid of heights is one thing I have for long, I will mumble or scream when my fear reach its limit
Same thing going to happen when my fear of falling in love happen

For all this 23 years I’ve lived, broken heart and being ignored or being left are my close friends, I’ve reacted to those in many ways
Who knows what I did behind every smile and happy expressions I showed to you people
There’s a saying ‘ The one who laugh the most, cry the loudest’, same thing happens here
Even though people see me as a though girl, crying wouldn’t be impossible to me
I’ve been crazy for these past years, failed to improve the status from friend to the next level was one of the thing ever driving me insane
I closed the probability I had with another guy then live faraway from suck love stories
It’s just the same analogy when I once fall from heights or being slipped when passing a bridge, I don’t wanna cross it again

Last Sunday I realize it, why being afraid when you haven’t even try it..
Suck things may happened in the past but who knows this gotta fail or succeed…
Being so sure then I cross the bridge from heights slowly but sure and feeling happy that I am able to go through it..
Same thing gonna happen, I won’t close my heart just because I’m scared of the suck love stories I had..

Passing the bridge and succeed, falling in love again and be happy finding your Mr destiny~~

Stay gorgeous and happy,