Cintaku di Pulau Sebelah

That “Cintaku di Pulau Sebelah” photograph that made me get bullied

For what? Of course for the arrow that pointed to the neighbor land, where one guy I used to like in the past living.
I just wonder why I like this picture anyway, it pointed to the land beside me while I don’t really know where he will be
Being single is the mistakable position anyway, even when you deny being in a relationship with someone people tend to judge all the way you do
Getting close to someone will lead you to misjudgement of your status
Not accepting someone who’s coming, labelled as a picky old biach
Life is funny isn’t it?
I enjoy being alone, broken hearted, cure it with fangirling, getting hurt again, then give up for this long
I am just happy yet sad the same time
I will just wait If it’s me who should travel across countries to find him, or just stay where I am and he will be coming.
We’ll see how  “ Cintaku di Pulau Sebelah” reality would be ~