Being a Quarter of Century Age!

Waking up not so early and hear no phone ringing, the birthday notifications came from the member card I used to register, Pands, Kaskus, and several others. How iritating! I don’t really into birthday girl but after time to time having friends who celebrate. I tend to do so. As the clock ticking, the birthday wishes flooding in many chat groups, parents sending message and many more. And it’s raining hard today hahaha what a day!

Being a quarter of century age comes really fast. I feel like it was just my 21st birthday and now I reach 25 already and still stay the same. How funny and unpredicted life is. Well, age is just a matter of number but me just being me. I don’t feel like changing much, just the clothing style since I work already and daily life just like this. Education hasn’t improved much but I hope this year will be my year to study again. Oh how I miss having many friends to hang out. I miss the things that doesn’t required me to be in relationship just to go out with someone. And many things have moved differently year by year.

I don’t wish too many things, just want one by one things go smooth as planned. I don’t want an immadiate marriage, I don’t need that at the moment. There’s a time that I really wanna get married, but most time I still have many things to learn, do and earn me myself. I don’t expect immadiate marriage, I need to see him, meet and compromise about our future. Maybe we can date as the time being, but lately when I say I wanna be ready for that the person I used to spend time with already gone, getting married or finding another girl to date. Oh how sucks this become.

Wishing, planning and start doing, no birthday cake and such sweet words coming, I’ll start this quarter of century life with bigger and brighter smile, more positive thought and such.

Wishing more awesome thing to come,

Just getting one awesome year of day of mine,