What is friendship actually? It’s a connection we have with people we first don’t know and grow further into deeper bond after knowing each other
Friendship is something we have and make us cherish every moment with people we call friends
I believe that everyone has their own friend, even what’s called bestfriend.
I do have good friends, and even bestfriend. I wanna make everyone best but can’t help it.
I believe every friend I have get their own way to stay the best
There’s good friendship and there’s also the badluck connection that should end starting as friends
Believe it or not, there will always this kind of people you consider and treat as friends but do the opposite to you.
I had this kind of badluck friendship kind, and immediately ended it after knowing the fact.
I am okay that in this life there’s one point when God let me met the badass.
There’s another kind of friendship that I sometimes regret having, one moment on life there will be the guy who fall for you and ruin the whole friendship after messing your feeling.
Or you have feelings for him but he chooses another girl instead
It’s okay we met the badass and get our life messed for a moment, it will be great to fall down then know the point and you get up growing stronger.
That’s a life, keep your chin up girl!