My Very First Pasport

   Studying abroad, travelling abroad are my dreams since I was kid. Too many factors kick me out of the way, I am in the state that I’ll be a civil servant soon in the age of 22 and I haven’t even going abroad for once in my lifetime. I waste my time for delaying pasport making. One of my pals says that a lecturer in UI even gives advices and make his students travel abroad with all their own way. Woow, it will be great If I can grant my own wish too. Seeing another friends in normal college get the chances for student exchange abroad, travelling with all of their blessed life I’m dying inside actually. Being jealous and doing nothing is total waste I think. So I decide to just wait TKD home and start to collect my documents for making my own pasport. I have to make it, my own way, I dont care If I have to go alone.
    Browsing the steps of making pasport in immigration office I choose the online one. I scan all documents needed and register online. Wednesday, July 16th thanks God I have friends in Semarang so I’m not confused doing the payment in BNI. Thanks bro Arga who’s willing to take me. And I complete the registration and choose the next day July 17th to come to the Immigration.
    It was such a hot fasting day, ehem I wasnt fasting anyway but it took a looooong way to get there. I had to ride bus, BRT and finally got there. I was just a lonely confused girl, thanks God I found the same age girl who’s making pasport like me, Heny. When she asked me where I wanna go I kept saying Japan and Korea hahaha I dont know which first country I’m going to actually. The most important thing I make my own pasport first. Hahaha

   After queuing for the document checking, we moved to the next line, waiting for taking photos and interview. I thought it would be a very complicated thing making my own pasport without what do we call calo hahha. Alhamdulillah the process finished after the interview. A mommy who’s waiting for the 13th salary as civil servant kept being busy talking to me about bureaucrazy and THR thing. She even asked me how does it feel to work in Ministry of Finance, oh maam my destiny hasnt been decided yet wkwkwk I hope soon. And we laughed about many things while another people queuing kept staring at us. Oooops sorry. And thanks God it was 10.00 when I finished all process. The pasport will be ready to take the next 6 days !
   I decided to go back home instead staying at my aunties home longer. I came to my junior high friend and spent a night accompanying her fasting then we go home together ~
The date my pasport about being ready to take I spent almost a day for being stuck in a traffic, how cruel Semarang roads during mudik time like this. It was super awfull and tiring day. I met a Chinese girl who’s going to Immigration like me, Yihan her name. Hahaha She can talk Indonesian language anyway. And after one hour I get my pasport mumumu, my very first. Alhamdulillah, one process being clear. I’m ready for being a part of Ministry of Finance and spend my money for travelling abroad. Bismillah, it has to be 2015 anyway.. :”””””