Outdoor and the Equipments


    Speaking of the outdoor activities I’ve done before, when I was in my college life spending the money on a trip for buying the outdoor equipment was rarely be done. I’d rather borrow than buying cheap equips.  For the training to be STAPALA member, I got carrier borrowed from senior, so do the other equipments. Up until I became STAPALA member seniors told me not to buy outdoor equipment if it’s the low quality ones. Better to borrow from “posko”, other members in our organization or even the seniors. They would give permission for their belonging to be used. Ah, I really grateful being part of this familyhood. Starting from carrier, trekking shoes, sleeping bag, cooking tools, tent, even jacket I could easily get those items borrowed. A really useful way for a college student like me. Just remember and do the same thing for your junior later. This time you may be the one who borrow from your senior, but later on you’re the senior who give your belongings being borrowed by junior. That’s how our case works. The same thing works for the money too, but I rarely choose this way.

   Pushing back the carrier buying three years ago and I regret it more as the price getting higher day by day, and the money slipped away from my hands. Haaha how sad, even after working in somewhere place and earn enough money, I prefer to spend it for another use and then the chance to buy the Deuter carrier has gone ~ But, this year is my lucky time to finally get this baby bought in Outdoor fest 2015. Thanks for Cynthia who’s willing to go there heheh. One more item’s secured. It will be very useful after this. As the time goes by, I’m no longer college student who’s freely to go wherever I want. I have time limit entering this working life. It’s no use If you have equipments but never use it. Before my work placement which I don’t know when, securing this carrier is one step ahead than not having any. It can be useful for my training, going to my new workplace later and backpacking wherever since my luggage is broken (I prefer backpack actually).
   Planning on doing my solo backpacking once I move to a new place is quite thrilling for myself hahaha. I’ve prepared my passport since last year, wait for the full income then I’m gonna go there~ I don’t care If people keep bullying me for staying single, I just wanna travel ~~ And the list of equipments will be completed in my next stop are these things :



         – Carrier + coverbag ( done)
        Daypack, already have
           Trekking sandals, done
          Sleeping bag, done
          Trekking shoes
          Windbreaker jacket
          Tramontina and multiuse knife
          Tent, the last thing to buy
Wait for the announcement and get ready to move to a new place ~~
I’m coming ,
Anggi Restiana Dewi