See Me As a Woman

Technically I was a girl, and now am going to be a fully grown up woman
Despite my style that never close to what so called girly kind, I was still a girl
A girl will always be a girl
No matter what attitude she shows, what kind of style she uses,  how the intonation she spoke
Girl will always be girl
Eventhough I look ignorance, I can be as sensitive as what another girl does
Like the other girls, when I dont get what I want I get upset too
And you won’t believe that the boyish ones can be moooore feminime than the girly girl
I take one example I am progressing nowadays

I never touch any make up, except facial foam which isn’t a part of make up
I never date a guy, only have crush and never ever get in relationship
I never do some kind of treatment
I never like wearing dresses and girly stuffs
I never want to do some touch up for making my face up
I have no regret for not doing that, in the past

I love football, sports, hiking and even have the jersey of my fav team
I like hanging out with my boys
I like wearing simple clothes, having simple scent
I like doing things that boys play
I am allergic to pink
I hate the lovey dovey things I see as I find it disgusting

But what happen now? I am gradually changing
I start to know what make up is, how to dress nicely like what woman do
I don’t hate pink anymore
Even attending many weddings I don’t feel burdened like the old times
I come all the way showing how I can dress myself like a woman

I started to understand how the way girls think
I understand how to separate the unecessary thing as a woman being
I am am improving but don’t want to fully get changing
I just want you to see me as a woman, like another love story thing..

A. R. D