The Happy Magelang FloweRun 2015

  Knowing this event will be held and already bought the tickets since December, our geng 533 is going to Magelang FloweRun today, February 8th 2015. I come along with my junior high friend, Ervi who has plan with her friend. Swasti is the earliest member to arrive, daebak 05.30 she’s already here hahaha. While the last to arrive are Temanggungers, Atri, Soniya and Restu. Already missed the first opening crowd full of throwing colour, we get in the line and walk. Ya, we walk, not run with this crowd. Supposed to change the name to Flowalk or Flowerwalk wkwkwk. Throwing the powder to each other, and going crazy with the crowd along the track. Laying down in the road and take thousands selfies hahaha. Another day we may not get the chance to lay down the colorful street like today, so use it to act crazy today. Yeah!

my before and after
the crowd
I feel freee, laying down the street hahaha
   The happy atmosphere is getting hotter as the DJ plays the music and we dance like crazy, jump and jump. Getting tired from jumping, not running. The water spray makes the crowd going crazier. All wet and still dancing like crazy, that’s us.Shouting the name of DJ Mohang and dance again with the crowd.

This is a really happy weekend. Being happy, but no doorprize we get because of early leaving for eating and tadaa todays closing getting crazier as DJ Yasmin comes. Thanks guys for today, super fun!

*PS : holding event always leaves tons of trashes like this, sadly. Hope the next events will be better.
Yours truly,
Anggi Restiana Dewi