Things that Will Make You Come Back to Dieng

    The great view and good destination to visit when you’re going to Dieng are the things that will make you come back there, again and again. Dieng is the highest village in Java, thats why its called ” negeri di atas awan” in Indonesia. Many great spot you can come to when going to Dieng. They are Telaga Warna, Kawah Sikidang, Sikunir hill and Prau mount to see the sunrise, Candi Arjuna, worth for visit.
1. Sikunir and Prau
    Sikunir is the best spot for seeing sunrise in Dieng, this leads the venue being too crowded nowadays. Even when I went there at weekend, going up or down we have to get in line to walk then. Ommo, If you really wanna go there, just go in weekdays. But the sunrise is pretty good and amazing. Same with Sikunir, the mount located in Patakbanteng has great sunrise view too. Yap, thats Prau Mount.


this is Sikunir hill, thats me and my solo travelling pals


hello Prau

2. Telaga Warna

    This colourful lake called Telaga Warna is the unique lake with the colour changes everytime. Sometimes blue, green, yellow or even pink, are the colour of this Telaga Warna. The sulphure that causes this phenomena. Worth for visiting!
3. Candi Arjuna
    This is the cool place to visit, you can walk in the grass and feels calm of the watery grass. The temperature is pretty cold, wearing jacket would be better when you go there. And there’s a bunch of Teletubbies acting cute seeking for your attention to take pictures with them.
4. Kawah Sikidang
    This sulphurous place worth to visit. The holes in this Sikidang move randomly, so we should be careful going in there.