The Message of People to You #Day20

There’s always a message in how someone treating you
The only person who can finally let them treat you like the way they are is you
There are people who treat you nicely, some treat you poorly, some keeping you when it’s convenient and beneficial for them
The only way you teach them to treat you is by treating yourself right
The only way to tell them when they can’t even use their common sense as human to you is by telling them what’s wrong they do to you is wrong

Being in love or having close relationships with the people can be the reason why you let them treat you as they please sometimes
Being too kind or having too much tolerance sometimes leading you to letting them come again and again after doing poor things and keep them repeated
Setting up boundaries for yourself is fine
Letting people go is fine and moving on too
After all the person who will be there for you and treat yourself good is you

When your people start to be toxic, work together to push the toxic away
So continuing together gotta be healthier for both parties later
As I grow up I can’t make everyone satisfied and happy about being me but it’s fine
I let people coming in to my life but with all the considerations to treat each other better
No matter who is it family friends boyfriend or life partner later, let’s live better and treat each other good