“Mmm, I never knew I could be
And you’re all that I need
You’re like Sydney to me
Holding onto you, nothing we can’t do”

Lyrics from Jess and Matt song “Sydney to Me” remind me on how nice the city and my visit back then in spring season.
Here are few TIPS FOR VISITING SYDNEY on LOW BUDGET in my version :

1. Don’t forget to buy Opal Cards for all types of transportation. Opal is a must have item for your transportation need when visiting Sydney. Try all of the transportation and get around the city.

2. Remember that there’s promo on Sunday, only $2.5 AUD for the whole day. Use the opportunity to visit places using ferry like Manly Beach and such or long trip one like Blue Mountains using train. It’s a one day full to spend only 2.5 AUD, take a note only SUNDAY FARE.

3. Stay in hostel around Sydney Central Business District area which is very close to many places, just walking distance. You can choose your dorms, private room or just as you prefer. My choice when doing solo trip there was hostel. I stay in a nice hostel in CBD Area and knew many good friends there. As a sanguin that was a nice experience meeting new pals from all over the world, plus a new crush who’s gone for so long now. Hey youu stay well wherever you are now!

4. Bring your own tumblr and do refill on the free tap waters since it’s drinkable in the city. Buying mineral waters in the city could be pricy since the water is free everywhere, tap tap tap and drink is ready.

5. Cook your meals, there are many stores like Coles or Woolworths who sell groceries you may need. Besides it’s good to know food that you’re eating halal or not (for moslem) it can also save more budget for all of us. You know what food that comes in to your body.

6. Walking around the city with the route around CBD or join free walking tour in Sydney or the hopping bus, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, St Mary’s Chatedral, Royal Botanical Garden, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, Circular Quay etc around the CBD Area

7. Shop for cheaper souvenirs in Paddy’s Market or stroll around Queen Victoria Building

8. Walking around Bondi beach area or surf if you’re a surfer.

9. Shipping your coffee while walking people pass by in the nearest coffee shop and bite your bread.

Please do enjoy Sydney, one of my favorite busy but chill city ❤️❤️