Welcoming Postcards and Letters

    During the time of waiting the letters and postcards replies that haven’t arrived, I keep writing and collecting cards. I don’t know when will the letters and postcards arrive to my mailbox. It’s sad that it’s been more than 5 weeks waiting for them to come. I write another letter to the new penpals and keep getting request for being penpals. I’m happy that I make new friends 😀
During my free time, I make the draft for mailing my penpals, cutting and drawing simple things for the letter to be sent. It doesn’t matter for me to spend money to accomodate the penpalling kekeke I should manage my financial better for the next time. Been planning for this and that, allocating this and that, hope everything goes well as planned.
this is another outgoing postcards to Germany, Russia and Polland
Ijen, Gili Trawangan, Opor ayam and Ketupat Sayur postcards
Jilolo, Lombok, Toba Lake, Rice Field, Senggigi and Amazing Wakatobi postcards
Bromo, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, and Nias Warrior, the bottom one is Shanghai 😀
    As for those postcards above, I didn’t make them on my own. I bought from PATW last week according to Kak Yela information and they arrive safely 3 days after payment 😀
Happy penpalling and sending postcards,
Anggi Restiana Dewi