Where are you?

It’s been a while since the last time I saw you stay on the line
The last time you say you’ll disappear for a better lifeplan
The last time you say you’ll come to town seeing your relatives and bestfriends
The last time I greet you and get a hai back from you is killing me
The last time I really want to talk to you about many things but you’re going offline after that
The last time I tell you my favourite songs and you’re agree to give a try listening
The last time you’re confused what comes next to do
The last time I get the chance saying something useful for you
The last time I see you, was 2 weeks ago
That was the last time I taste a little disappointment and lost

Where are you?
I have many things to talk to but I couldn’t reach you
Where are you?
The weather is getting crazier here and I wanna tell you
Where are you?
I wonder have you listened to the songs I told you
Where are you?
I just don’t wanna miss you..

Hope you’re doing just fine
And there will be the next time talking to you..

Your penpal,