Sleeping with The Earth

the camp near Ranukumbolo Semeru last 2012, it looks like just neighbourhood moving in hahaha


our tent in fist pos of Argopuro last October
preparing for food, things I love from camping
   Why making yourself work hard to sleep outside in the open air? Why making yourself suffer to get the chance sleep in unpermanent place? Why do you keep doing those things? Those are the questions asked to us, some people called nature lover who love to do outdoor activities and camping in every chance we get. We’re hiking this to another mountains, spend several days to complete our trip which can fulfil our thirst of travelling. For some people, camping looks tiring and it only makes yourself suffer. But for some people like me and my pals, camping in hiking trip is one way to escape from our boring routine and have a new grateful spirit after coming back from trip. How can we not grateful after coming from going in and out of quiet forest? Thing is, when after a long time we don’t go on hiking and camping trip, it feels like we live like we’re dying hahaha. It’s pretty that much the meaning for me. I’m not an athlette for this mount climbing but I enjoy doing that especially when I go with my dearest friends.
   There’s a saying I know
” Now I know the secret of making the best person. It’s to go out and sleep with the earth.”. 
Can’t agree more with this saying because I experience it myself. Whenever I come back from hiking, I’ll become more grateful since I get the chance to come back home safely *with several injuries usually* . It’s been 6 months since the last time I go camping. I do really miss to feel sleeping in open air, walking together through the hot weather or foggy weather, stop the whole day trekking, building a tent in camping spot, cuddling in small tent for several people, cooking and share jokes together near the camp. Ah what a happy trip, I just miss my college life when our time was still unlimited back then. And as working people, it will be great If I can go camping again maybe this month or next month 😀
foggy camp in Cikuray mount April 2014
When will we go camping again? I hope sooon ~~
Anggi R. Dewi