Achieving Dream

 Achieving dreams may be hard for many people, me too. I even failed to reach my childhood dream for being a doctor and singer. As the time goes by, I’m okay and cool with those failure, seems like there’s more that come to me as I cross the different path until today. I soon become a tax officer, civil servant job which I never imagine. There are some parts of the things I call dream, my dream to study abroad that get stuck for my governmental work and being pushed back after the contract I should fulfill, the trip I always imagine in mind as a child who wants to travel the world, even my dream of having a great wedding that changes. I previously never really want to get married, but now aha it’s part of the things I should do for my future. I won’t let my generation extinct. Always said wanna get married to bule just my saying I said when I was kid . Failure and success are two different things that can never be separated from each other. People who grab the success story experienced failure before achieving success. It’s like “ Fall seven times, but stand up eight.”
    I randomly remember the things to achieve dreams in James Hooper point of view. There are three things said by one of my favourite G11 Abnormal Summit former member in episode 3 (If you are curious just google it haha). Him as the British youngest Everest climber gave three lesson about achieving his dreams.
this is James Hooper
First, is to take things step by step. If you say you want to climb Everest tomorrow, it’s impossible. But if you start with something small, climbing indoors and gradually move up. Each step by itself is very easy. But very quickly, you find that you’ve achieved your dream.
My dream is not Everest, I just wanna climb Mount Rinjani with my lifepartner someday. Part to achieve it? I’m not focusing to find partner, I’m moving up, learning new experiences, preparing my own trip, being smarter and healthier. Let’s see what happen next ~
The second thing is not to be afraid of the risk. There is risk in everything but we should see risks as an opportunity to learn and by learning we can overcome risk.
I’m getting used of failure because life is never fair. Hahaha Having more money may lead me in another path, sometimes I wonder but I don’t regret where I am now. I just have to retouch my lifeplan, provide the A, B and C plans for everything. One step closer for my solo travelling after the job placement. 😀
And finally you should tell people about your dreams and what you want to achieve. No one ever achieved anything by themselves and the more people that know about what you want to do, the more people can help you achieve that.
Hello people help me achieve my dreams please. Hahaha I don’t say that but when I’m into something, people around me know it too. I’m that type of person. I have many things that I call dream. The first is that I wanna study and live in Germany, why Germany? I don’t know, since kid I dream to go there and even supporting the team every world cup match. I wanna travel around the world, being a traveler nowadays people call it, should save more money and I am going to do it. Short term is going to Korea first.  Another childhood dream is marrying a “bule”, sounds insane but let’s see If I could marry bule or “bulepotan” haha. And the last thing is send my parents to go “haji”. Aren’t those too much? I think no, because I still have many things I call dream. I dare to dream big and should learn to gain big too.
 Success is not a single thing and you need to find the right type of success for you and go for it
Well then, let’s grab our success story by our own ways 😀
Anggi Restiana Dewi