Being 24

Being twenty something this year means so much to me
It’s the first time I get stable job, get my own income and I don’t have to depend on my parents money anymore
It’s like a starting point where I should become a new better me
I don’t want to involve in more people drama
I’m sick and tired of those suck love stories of mine too that always go wrong
It’s too tiring anyway
 Coming to office this morning, I forget my own birthday
There’s that Yura Yunita Song being played for me and a poem too
I even get the birthday cake and wishes
I’m so happy that at least rreaching this age people still remember me
I get the hype of welcoming new age
Sad is one more year closer to death
Just wishing a greater and prosper life
Try to be happier, travel more and learn to welcome new more mature love stories