Being Immortal

   Nothing lasts forever in this world, and no one will live forever. That’s true. But what about writing? Whats up with writing? There’s some saying, “ By writing you’ll become immortal.” Believe it or not you’ll become Immortal by writing, and I’m totally agree with this saying. People may live and die, but memories last, and one of them is the written one. Believing this saying and my wanting to keep memories alive, then I remember my past trips that haven’t been written well and disappear as the time goes by. As for daily I diligently write my daily life in diary since junior high. But when I was in 2nd grade of Junior high, the diary got burnt. Not incidentally, I hate the stories inside it then burnt it ahaha . My temper was extremely dangerous.. I write those life stories in my own style of writing (you can say it lebay) and started to write my diary in English since early 2014. I can’t believe this is my 2nd year of English diary :3 The writing of my trip and travel experience still in progress of remembering some missing trip that haven’t been written. :”> And for the rest of travelling stories have been written in some good way I think hahaha
   You may remember the trip, how it goes, the details during the time of your trip or the time being near, but you’ll not be able to remember it forever. Write the trip into good writings may give you good guts, feeling and its own satisfaction. You may be lazy to write the detail of the trip by the time being. But when years passed by, you’ll forget the detail and regret it later why you didn’t write in such good opportunity. This is why I started to collect memories and write as many as possible. Some of my writings maybe too subjective, but it’s okay since I write it on my own. The person who’s in the same trip may write their own version If mine isn’t good enough. Hihihii
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   I’ll just deal my trip will turn out into good writings by organizing them, now moving some important writings from my blogspot into the wordpress. Let’s just call it duplicating Hahahaha.. I have 3 blogs now, 1 tumblr, 1 blogspot and 1 wordpress. Let’s organize and start writing good things in proper way hihihi. I believe that someday even when I die, my kids and the next generation will still remember me by the time they find my writing. I’ll become immortal, right?