City That Never Sleep

    This city I used to live in, not in the city actually but in the suburb that makes me miss all of the things over and over.  I used to go here and there, in the city that never sleep, Jakarta. I miss my way to go to work, for awhile I get angry of all the annoying things. The other side, those are the things that remind me of everything. The guts to say, I hate that city, traffic jam everywhere, flood, and polluted in serious danger. I hate but I love it the same time, I like living there, I love taking mass transportation that many people may miss too, I love the atmosphere I used to live in. I don’t know why I’m already in love I think. The thing when I leave the city, I wanna come back there, again and again..
I should move due to the location for the training is in the neighbor city of my hometown. Here I am, in the coldest weather I could feel here. Magelang and Temanggung, ain’t no different in weather. So far different from Jakarta. I miss that evil city in its coldest temperature.
Many things happen since I move back to hometown, nice events being held and so sadly I couldn’t come there. It costs more to get there. Starting from lantern festival, the backpacker trip here and there start from Jakarta, Avenged Sevenfold concert which I couldn’t attend that breaks my heart apart, and the training held by STAPALA for the new member recruitment. None of them I could join. Ah sadly..
kemacetan kerlap kerlip Jakarta taken from 30th floor, 88 Tower Casablanca


Jakarta dark sky


Manggarai Station at night


I miss you, Jakarta.. And wish to come back soon to see you
Who hate and love you